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                       Women’s Bible Study

        Whispered Truth, A Novel Based on

  True Events of Abuse, Forgiveness and Hope

                                       Tuesdays, Jan 21 – Mar 10

                                                   10 am – 12 pm

                                               at Journey to Hope

                               703 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231


                                 Join us for this amazing 8-week journey!

The novel Whispered Truth will be used in a unique way to bring understanding about the effects of abuse in our lives and God’s power to heal us from past wounds. The topics that will be explored include; fear, faith, truth, trust, forgiveness, obedience, and perseverance. We will end each week with a “Whispered Truth” and discuss what is God whispering through the lesson and how they will apply it. The participants will to learn to trust God on a deep level in all circumstances and find healing in Him.

Authors of the study Cindy L. Smith and Deborah Gaston.


Email Cindy L. Smith at clsmith@livinghopefortoday.org to register and to order the book Whispered Truth. There is no cost to participate in the study.