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             Through a difficult journey an ordinary

                      woman finds a powerful God!

Based on true events, Whispered Truth, tells the harrowing, yet miraculous, journey of stay-at-home mom Denise Boese who is raising her daughters, Jamie, 3 and Samantha, 18 months.

It's 1984 Glendale, Missouri. The bruise trailing down her arm is the painful motivator that gives Denise the courage to finally pack up and leave her husband, Doyle.

Unexpectedly, through terrifying nightmares that began to haunt Jamie, Denise is led down a path toward an even greater heart-breaking truth - a truth that serves as the catalyst into Jamie's turbulent teen years of interest in the occult and drug use.

Denise’s kooky friend, Betty, brings light hearted fun to the story when Denise meets her future husband, Chris. Through many surprising twists and turns, Denise discovers the God of unconditional love and grace, who teaches her the power of forgiveness. Life may be uncertain, but Denise learns to listen to the whispered truth of God's voice, and place her family's future in His unfailing hands.

Cindy L. Smith has taken a real-life, painful and taboo subject, and made it an inspiring and empowering story with both humor and hope.


​​Read an excerpt of Whispered Truth by downloading the file -


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