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About Cindy

Watch Cindy's interview
from 30 years ago
on the ira joe fisher show

I’m a passionate cheerleader

for women and children! 


Life has left it's scars on us all and I am no exception.


I was sexually abused as a child, then when I was nineteen I married an abusive man only to discover when I left him, he had sexual abused my daughter.

These events led me on a healing journey with God. This journey gave me a desire to see other women heal and grow in their faith, so they too could become victorious over their past.


On my speaker page you can listen to how God taught me His divine truth like no one else could, when I found out I was conceived through rape from my birth mother. God is my source, the only one that could give me peace and heal me from this horrific reality about my life. 

That journey has lead me to become an author, speaker and a compassionate advocate for women and children for over twenty years.  


I have worked in shelters and volunteered reaching out to domestic violence, rape victims and children through child abuse prevention programs in local schools.

In 2004 God called me to found Living Hope Transitional Homes. I was Living Hope’s Executive Director for eleven years.

Out of my passion to see God’s power work in the lives of women and children I founded Living Hope for Today in 2017.

I am an empty nester and have three children and five grandchildren. For fun I enjoy traveling to warm places and scuba diving. Escaping below the sea to witness creatures in their wild habitat is one of the most exciting things I have ever done.
Let’s connect through Living Hope for Today! 


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