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Lost and Found

Thank you Lord for each new day that you deliver love, glory, mercy

fellowship. I am in awe with the twists ,turns, eye opening experiences you are bringing

to me each day. Being in Your light has lifted the burdens of anxiety,

depression, feelings of constant sorrow. You Lord have given me freedom to live in Your


I feel you all around Lord, your love bubbling inside me, a “happiness” that was lost is

returned brimming over in my belly like a roller coaster. I want to laugh ,smile, share this incredible love You have for me Lord with others.

I believe, I believe, I believe in you Lord. Your love building,building inside me sloshing

back and forth ....again like the waves. What is it about about the waves of the

ocean? I see the color of the amazing waters, blues,greens,browns,aquas. Foaming mists

as it washes away the past, clears the path for the next experience, folds in old with new,

memories, futures, present rolling together like the Holy Spirit spilling a new language

from my tongue.

Its all so familiar this life I‘m living, God’s love never changes but I do....thank you for

this new day