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God knows what I need

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Where I am now is a happy place in my life. God knew I was here, before

I arrived at this place in my life. He had been waiting so patiently, watching after

me for things to unfold, shape, curl, pull, tug and snap back to where I am right now.

Could He have just dropped me off here in “this happy point”;no questions

asked,just a happy me, not knowing the life I came from, no falls, no drama,

no baggage, just a dizzy feeling of pure bliss?

Would I still be this happy? Would I understand being gratefu? Could I appreciate His

love, trust the same way? Would I understand what forgiveness felt like?

Would empathy feel the same in my heart,or just be a fleeting emotion

lost forevermore?

God created me. I was specifically made to handle what I went through for

a reason. He helps me unpack all the things I’ve carried for far too long.

Those things are not wasted, because God recycles. He uses

everything from my life and yours to be relatable. We are all connected some how,

some way,or soon to be found connecting.

It’s His love. He knows what I need, His love knows no boundaries.

He is our amazing Father.