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For what it’s worth

Looking at my past I am still in awe about how God

has put me here. God is using those years as “spices“ or

”seasonings“ for this new life He is creating in me.

Every good recipe has a major ingredient,the focus of the

dish you might say. In this recipe, God has been working on “this dish”

for many years. He has been researching,testing, sorting through,

preserving spices and seasonings for this recipe.

Coming up with the perfect recipe is no easy task. My scottich eggs have

never been made the same way twice, yet still delicious everytime.

When I do share this recipe, I give out the basic ingredients along with my

trials,errors so that the user of this recipe can find ways of their own

to make it special.

This is what God does for us. Each of us have a major ingredient that we

are still working on. We are given spices,seasoning, oils,fruits,vegetables,

meats, dairy,grains,water to build “this dish”. We try,that’s all anyone can

do is try to develop the recipe that will be delicious everytime.

When we study from the Bible, we find out what has worked in the past.

Having God in our lives will bring out the best in our “major ingredients“